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How do I know therapy will help me?
Most people can benefit from therapy at some time in their lives. Making the choice to begin is a personal decision and can take real courage. We find many clients start this journey when faced with various challenges in their lives; these challenges are different for each person and may leave someone feeling ill-equipped to handle them alone. In some cases, feelings can be overwhelming and, in other cases, it becomes hard to even name what the feeling is. When these difficulties affect your experience of life then counseling is an option that can help you find solutions.
What is the first step to making an appointment?
Making the first call can be daunting. Our staff is committed to easing any apprehension you may have by providing a confidential consultation to make sure we target your individual counseling needs.
What are some common reasons why people go to therapy?
There are a broad spectrum of reasons or circumstances that may exist when people choose to go into therapy. These can include premarital counseling, communication building, improving personal relationships, solving a parent / child conflict, social and / or academic issues in adolescence, dealing with aging, grieving, loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, self-motivation,  food related issues and facing various life transitions.
What happens within the first session of therapy?
The first session of therapy establishes the framework of the therapy process. This will include discussing the clients' reasons for beginning therapy, the history surrounding those reasons and our policies of confidentiality.

How long does the therapy process last?
The length of the therapy process can vary depending on the needs of the individual client. Typically, a client will meet on a weekly basis and the frequency and duration of the process will be mutually decided between the therapist and client.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, most insurance programs cover out-patient mental health.
How can I learn more about your Affordable Therapy?
We are dedicated to providing affordable counseling services for those who qualify. Further information can be provided and discussed during your initial phone call.





Frequently Asked Questions

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The choice to begin therapy can typically bring up feelings of anxiety and this anxiety can naturally evoke several questions. Below you will find a few common questions which will help you decide if therapy is right for you. Our staff is here to help you with any other questions you might have, so please feel free to call our office anytime. We are more than happy to talk with you.

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