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Established in 1978

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Individual Counseling:
Depression, anxiety, self-esteem, childhood trauma, loss & grieving, relationship issues, transitions, family conflict, retirement, aging, stress management, anger management and addictions. 

Couples Counseling: 
Communication, conflict resolution, increasing emotional intimacy, learning gender differences and how to accept them, learning how to disagree respectfully and pre-marital counseling. 

Family Counseling:
Increased communication between parents and children, parenting skills, improve parent-child conflicts, raising and appreciating your children’s unique personalities, sibling rivalry, helping your child academically and socially, children of divorce, conflict with in-laws, and intergenerational counseling (adult children and their aging parents).  

Teens Counseling:
Self-esteem, anxiety, depression, rebellion, peer pressure, cutting, dating, academic issues, social struggles, bullying, body image and food issues, sexual orientation and individuation. 

Nutritional Counseling:
Weight loss, increased energy, stress reduction, gastrointestinal issues, lack of sleep, thyroid and blood sugar problems, mindful eating and learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Clinical Hypnotherapy:
Smoking cessation, weight control, fear of public speaking, confidence, struggles with a loved one's addiction, stress reduction, overcoming roadblocks to success, increasing mindfulness, releasing fears & anxieties, overcoming procrastination and eliminating negative habits. 
Additional Services:
Work and career issues, adoption related struggles and life coaching. 

Our Commitment: 
      All services are based on honesty, integrity and the utmost ethical standards. 
      We believe that all individuals have the potential for change.
      Our goal is providing quality care at affordable rates.

The following are some common reasons why people seek therapy. Our highly trained staff is very experienced in treating these issues.